Cool since 2012

We are a "Think Tank" of proven experience that comes with a strong 30 plus year track record of knowledge and expertise in direct brand, product and market development for many major well-known companies.

JOJI® was built with longevity in mind and is not to be compared with those passing competitors caught up in the current frozen yogurt craze. At JOJI® we are always researching, developing, and sourcing new products and ideas. We continue to challenge ourselves to expand and build the JOJI® brand.

We are one of the only freshly mixed premium-frozen yogurt products around that fits within a healthy lifestyle. JOJI® gears its brand & products to the hip, the fun and the health conscious crowd. It attracts and captures the senses of all age demographics from an energetic preschool set to a savvy senior. JOJI® incorporates fresh graphics, utilizes stimulating colors, and its lovable characters are memorable.